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  • Unit4 Natural Disasters Listening and Talking&ampAssessing Your Progress&ampProject课件(含音视频素材)--2020-2021学年人教版(2019)必修第一册
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Unit 4 Natural Disasters Period 5 Listening and Talking would comeB. Soon after; would come C. Shortly; are coming D. Immediately; will come immediately可以作连词使用,相当于as soon as, the moment, the instant (一 就),同时还考查了时态:从句用一般现在时态,主句用一般将来时态。 3. on hand 现有(尤指帮助) on one hand on the other hand in hand hand in hand hand in 一方面,另一方面 在手头;在进行中;在控制中 手拉手地;联合 交上;提交;呈送 (1)现有宴会的点心不够用。 There arent enough snacks _ for the party. (2) 我们应该先处理眼底下的事。 We should settle the business _ first. on hand on hand When writing, he often keeps a dictionary _. A. in handB. on hand C. at handD. hand inC With so much work on hand, you _ to see the game last night. A. mustnt go B. shouldnt go C. couldnt have gone D. shouldnt have gone D 题中的A项和B项都指现在情况 ;couldnt have gone表示“不可能 去过”;shouldnt have gone表示“ 本不应该去而实际上去了”。根 据题意,选D。 Exercise Complete the passage with the correct forms of the words below. Earthquakes are a form of natural _ They are so powerful that they can cause tall buildings to _ to the ground in just a few seconds. In fact, most of the _ in an earthquake are caused by falling houses or buildings. deathdestroysurvive crashshelterdisaster disasters crash deaths Exercise New research data from earthquake zones is helping architects to design safer buildings that will not be _ during an earthquake. Instead of being fixed in place like most ordinary buildings, the new buildings they have designed can move. deathdestroysurvive crashshelterdisaster destroyed Exercise Other researchers have designed small round houses that will not fall down when there is a quake. Because the houses are round, they can _ strong winds and floods, and are good _ during a disaster. deathdestroysurvive crashshelterdisaster survive shelters Exercise Fill in the blanks with that, which, who, whose, or whom. 1.A disaster is a very bad accident or a sudden event _ usually causes great damage and can ruin many peoples lives. 2.The woman wanted to find and thank the firefighter _ rescued her from the fire. which/that who/that Exercise 3. A typhoon is an extremely strong wind _ often happens in the Western Pacific Ocean. 4. The children _ parents could not be found were looked after by neighbours and friends. 5. A tsunami is a very large wave _ is often caused by an earthquake under the sea. 6. People to _ much is given are people of _ much will be expected. which/that who/that which/that whomwhom Reflecting What did you learn about natural disasters in this unit that you did not know before? What else do you want to know about natural disasters? What did you find the most difficult in this unit? What in this unit motivated you most? Summary summary Knowledge points: power, tap, pipe, whistle, emergency, calm, aid, kit, first aid kit, on hand Others: Prepare for a disaster Giving instructions Give a presentation on natural disasters Homework Perfect your Perfect your Perfect your Perfect your presentation.presentation.presentation.presentation.

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