Unit 1 Cultural Heritage Reading and thinking (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx

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Unit 1 Cultural Heritage Reading and thinking (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第2页
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Unit 1 Cultural Heritage Reading and thinking (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第3页
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Unit 1 Cultural Heritage Reading and thinking (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第4页
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Unit 1 Cultural Heritage Reading and thinking (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第5页
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1、 Cultural heritage is our legacy from the past,what we live with today,and what we pass on to future generations.World Heritage Centre文化遗产是过去人类所创造,有现代人类继承文化遗产是过去人类所创造,有现代人类继承并传之后世。并传之后世。世界遗产中心世界遗产中心From Problems to SolutionsB2 U1 Reading and thinkingTeaching objectives:By the end of the lesson.stude

2、nts will be able to:1.Identify what problems Egypt met and what the solutions were.2.Draw a timeline of the process of the rescue project.3.Understand the cultural heritage protection and value it.4.Realize the important role of cooperation in solving problems.Which country are we going to visit tog

3、ether?Sphinx(狮身人面像)the Pyramidsmain idea-predicting(Tips:Read the title and look at the pictures.)From Problems to Solutions What will be talked in this passage?This passage is about how people solved problems.structure-skimming(Skim for the keywords in each paragraph.)1:challenge 2:proposal led to

4、protests3:committee established 4:brought together5:success 6:spiritPart1(1-2):Problems happened in Egypt Part2(3-5):The process of the solutions Part3(6):The inspiration of the Aswan Dam problems-exploring(According to the structure,read the part 1 carefully.)1.What do the problems refer to?2.Why d

5、id the Egyptian government want to build a new dam?How were the problems solved?Draw a timeline to figure out the analysis and solutionstimeline-drawing(Circle the numbers and make a timeline)195919601961Over the next 20 years1980The government asks the UN for help The project startsThe first temple

6、 is moved The temples and cultural relics are being rescuedThe project is completed How were the temples and other cultural sites saved?50 countries$80 millionThe first temple22 templesWhy does the author list so many numbers?Countless efforts:People,energy,moneyWhats the spirit of the Aswan Dam?cul

7、tural heritage protectionworld cooperationinspirations-probing(What can we learn from the passage?)think and discuss in groups Is it worthwhile to spend so much time and money in protecting these cultural relics?Why or why not?Reference:1.To express your opinion:As far as Im concerned,it is/isnt wor

8、thwhile to.based on the following aspects.2.To describe the reasons:Firstly,it is of great benefit to Secondly,it will contribute toWhats more,it is a good way to 3.To conclude:In a word,we should/shouldnt enjoy a video about Jiangxi hard to keep balancebuild a new dam vs.damage cultural heritageturn to UN for helpcooperatetake down piece by piece,move and put backglobal communityteam spiritFrom problems to solutionsproblemssolutionsinspirationssummary homework Reread the passage and try to make a poster calling on people to protect cultural relics


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