Unit 4 History And Traditions Reading for Writing (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx

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Unit 4 History And Traditions Reading for Writing (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第1页
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Unit 4 History And Traditions Reading for Writing (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第2页
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Unit 4 History And Traditions Reading for Writing (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第3页
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Unit 4 History And Traditions Reading for Writing (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第4页
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Unit 4 History And Traditions Reading for Writing (ppt课件)-2024新人教版(2019)《高中英语》必修第二册.pptx_第5页
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1、Unit 4 History and Traditions Reading for Writing:Beautiful Ireland and its traditions1.Analyze the structure and language features of the passage;2.Figure out the relationship between the beauty and the traditions;3.Imitate and describe our hometown from different senses.Emerald Isle Activity 1:Rea

2、ding for the structure lrelands beautiful countryside has always had a great influence on its people and traditions.The country has a long history of producing great writers and poets.Its beautiful countryside excites and inspires all,offering something for each of the senses.The peaceful landscape

3、of the“Emerald Isle”and its many green counties is a true feast for the eyes,with its rolling green hills dotted with sheep and cattle.And down by the sea,the roar of the ocean waves and cries of the seabirds make up the music of the coast.On a quiet morning in the mountains,feel the sun on your ski

4、n,and breathe in the sweet scent of fresh flowers while birds greet the new day with their morning song.With all this beauty,it s not surprising that Ireland has developed strong traditions that include music,dancing,and dining.To have a chance of experiencing this,stop by a village pub and relax wi

5、th a glass of wine or a local beer.Better yet,enjoy a delicious traditional Irish Beef Stew.If youre lucky,you might be able to enjoy some traditional music and dancing,too.natural scenery traditionsAnd if you introduce yourself to a friendly face,you are more than likely to experience local culture

6、 and customs first hand.introductionbody(detailed)endingActivity 2:Reading for Details What makes the Irish countryside exciting and inspiring?Its Beauty Rolling green hills,sheep,cattle roar,cries,music,song feel the sun on the skin sweet scentSeeHearFeel (touched):SmellActivity 2:Reading for Detai

7、ls The traditions in Ireland Best ways to experience local culture&customsStop by _and _ a glass of wine or a local beer;_Irish Beef Stew;_.introduce yourself to_.Activity 3:Preparation for writing The traditions in Ireland 惠州最美宣传大使惠州最美宣传大使To be the best Publicity embassadorHuizhou is a/an _city won

8、derful/peaceful.Hejiang Atticthe West Lake of HuizhouGaobang MountainDouble-Moon BayChaojing GateLuofu MountainActivity 3:Preparation for writing In groups,discuss how to introduce HuizhouDescription of HuizhouWhat can you see What can you hear What can you taste What can you smell How does the plac

9、e feelingWhat do you think of the place.Activity3:Preparation for writing To be the best Publicity Ambassador惠州最美宣传大使惠州最美宣传大使introduce Huizhou from 5 sensesFive senseImitate(仿写)仿写)SightThe peaceful_and its many green_is a true feast for the eyes.Hearingthe tinkling(咚声)of_and cries of make up the mus

10、ic of the natureTouchbreathe in the scent of _Smellfeel the breeze(微风)on our_TasteStop by_ and relax with_andenjoy delicious_Activity 3:Preparation for writing How to make the article more organized?Make the reader eager to read your writing.Transitions.Details and examplesHelp the reader remember y

11、our writing Is the handwriting clear?(2分分)Has the writer included sensory details?(8分)分)Dose the writer use transitional words?(3分)分)Does the writer use advanced sentences?(2分)分)HomeworkPolish your article and then exchange draftsUse the checklists to give feedback on your article.Unit 4 History and Traditions


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